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  • HigherChakra Bracelet Chakra Bracelet
  • HigherChakra Bracelet Chakra Bracelet
  • HigherChakra Bracelet Chakra Bracelet
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Chakra Bracelet

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The average person's Chakras are unbalanced.

In a healthy, balanced individual, the seven Chakras provide exactly the right amount of energy to every part of your body, mind and spirit.

Benefit from the healing properties of this stunning hand-made lava stone bracelet, boosting your energy and awareness, while reducing stress and anxiety . 

Chakra Bracelet Lava Stones Healing Higherchakra

This gorgeous bracelet is created with seven different high quality natural stone beads. Each one of the seven chakras is represented by one unique stone:

  •  Amethyst - Representing the Crown Chakra, this can bring qualities of infinite intelligence with human nature, inspiration and perfection. This is the overall balance of the chakra system.
  •  Lapis - Representing the Brow Chakra or Third Eye, the connected qualities bring intuition, imagination, wisdom and clairvoyance. It is concerned with understanding knowledge and mental organization.
  •  Reconstituted Turquoise- Representing the Throat Chakra, the central themes possess qualities of communication, speech, truth and knowledge. Overall it balances personal expression with the flow of information.
  •  Green Agate - Representing the Heart Chakra, the connected qualities are unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, balance and understanding. Being at the centre it helps to deal with relationships and personal development.
  •  Golden Tigers Eye - Representing the Solar Plexus Chakra, this is connected to self-esteem, willpower, confidence and humour.
  •  Yellow Acrylic - Representing the Sacral Chakra, this is connected to qualities of sexual desire, procreation and change, plus adapting to new ideas.
  •  Red Agate - Representing the Root Chakra, the connected qualities are those of self-preservation and survival instincts, as well as grounding and courage.
  •  Black Lava Beads - Also known as 'Lava Rock' or 'Basalt' is an igneous volcanic rock that has solidified from molten lava, after intense heat and pressure. Lava Stone is grounding and calming, it is most associated with the base chakra, and can aid in dissipating anger, and promoting positive change.

Materials & Dimensions

Material: Natural Stone, Zinc Alloy
Length: 18-23cm / 7-9"
Stone Diameter: 0.8cm / 0.3in


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